Ondo Points: The First Wave

Ondo Points: The First Wave

We at Ondo Foundation are overwhelmed by the response to the Ondo Points program. Our gratitude goes out to the community for your enthusiastic participation thus far!

We are excited to announce the First Wave of our Ondo Points Program. This initiative is part of our ongoing effort to recognize and reward our community members and spread awareness of the Ondo Ecosystem.

A New Twist in the Ondo Points Program

In the initial drop of Ondo Points via the “Wasted Stablecoin Campaign”, we awarded Points proportionate to interest income that holders of conventional stablecoins missed out on, encouraging them to learn about the Ondo Ecosystem’s interest-bearing alternatives. In this new campaign, Ondo Points will be awarded proportionately to the amount of interest each participant actually earns through OUSG, USDY, and Flux, as well as through other activities that support the Ondo Ecosystem. 

In the First Wave, we’re focusing on the following specific ways to earn points.

  • Retroactive Points for using Flux, and Holding OUSG or USDY: We're delighted to offer points retroactively to those who have used Flux or held OUSG (the current collateral for Flux), USDY, or mUSD. This is our way of saying thank you for your trust and early adoption.
  • USDY: Earn points (and interest) for holding USDY. Earn additional points by minting new USDY.
  • mUSD: Earn points by holding mUSD on Mantle Network. Acquire mUSD via DEX at OpenOcean, Swapsicle, or Merchant Moe, or convert your USDY for mUSD at ondo.finance/convert
  • DeFi Ecosystem: Earn points for providing liquidity in USDY at Uniswap on Ethereum via Range Protocol, or on FusionX or Agnidex also via Range Protocol on Mantle, or on Orca or Raydium via Kamino on Solana. Earn points for buying USDY via aggregators such as OpenOceanGlobal on Mantle, Jupiter Exchange on Solana, or CoWSwap on Ethereum.
  • Flux Lending: Lend stablecoins over-collateralized by tokenized US Treasuries from Ondo Finance and earn points.
  • DAO Governance: Earn points by delegating your $ONDO voting power or vote on proposals yourself. Bonus points for becoming an active delegate.
  • Diamond Hands: CoinList purchasers who claim their $ONDO tokens by March 31 will earn more points according to their stakes. Except for paper hands, who’ll be excluded from this reward pool.

We are currently in the process of finalizing the details of this new points distribution system. We encourage our community members to stay tuned for further updates. The exact number of points and how they translate based on these different activities will be clarified in the future.

Second Wave: Expanding Collaborations

The upcoming second wave of the Ondo Points Program will include collaborations with new projects, potentially offering retroactive rewards to their communities. This will expand the scope and opportunities for earning Ondo Points and allow us to form deeper bonds with other ecosystems. If you are part of a project or community that has potential synergies with the Ondo Ecosystem and would like to discuss potential collaboration on future Ondo Points Waves, please contact us at team@fluxfinance.com.

Leaderboard Launch

To celebrate your contributions and investment wisdom, our Ondo Points leaderboard is now live. It currently tracks points from the "Wasted Stablecoin Campaign" and will soon be updated to reflect points earned through this newly announced First Wave campaign.


Your engagement and investment in the Ondo Ecosystem are invaluable. We're excited to see how these new points-earning opportunities will enhance your experience and engagement within our community and welcome new ideas for future waves of Ondo Points.

Stay Connected, Stay Involved

Remember to stay connected with us through our community channels. Your ongoing engagement and feedback are what empower us to make Ondo the best it can be. We're excited about what the future holds and are thrilled to have you with us every step of the way. Twitter | Discord | Telegram

About Ondo Foundation

Ondo Foundation’s mission is to democratize access to institutional-grade finance. Established in 2022, Ondo Foundation is an independently-governed, nonprofit entity based in the Cayman Islands. Ondo Foundation issued, and, in May 2022, sold ONDO tokens, which represent governance rights in the Ondo DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization.