A Major Ondo Points Upgrade: How To Earn and Track Points

A Major Ondo Points Upgrade: How To Earn and Track Points

We’re delighted to announce the Ondo Points campaign has received a major upgrade, making it easier than ever to track your progress and climb the leaderboard. With these enhancements, you can now monitor precisely how Ondo Points are earned. And your balances will refresh weekly, providing you with a clear picture of your standing on the leaderboard.

Head to Campaigns to learn about the various campaigns, or head to Leaderboard to monitor your progress on the leaderboard. Whether you're an existing participant or new to Ondo Points, this user-friendly interface ensures that earning and tracking your points is a breeze. 

Boost Your Stash of Ondo Points

Haven’t got started with Ondo Points yet, or want to boost your stash? Now is the perfect time – Below is the extensive list of campaigns you can participate in to ramp up your points:

Wasted Stablecoin Interest Competition

How to Participate: Visit Wasted Stablecoin Interest Competition to claim your points.

Network: Ethereum

Earn: Claim your initial Ondo Points by discovering the amount of interest you missed out on by holding non-yield bearing stablecoins in 2023.

Flux Finance User

How to Participate: Earn points by lending stablecoins on Flux.

Networks: Ethereum

Earn: 0.75 Ondo Points per stablecoin lent into Flux per year.

USDY Holder

How to Participate: Purchase USDY from your preferred DEX. The longer you hold, the more you earn.

Networks: Ethereum, Mantle, Solana

Earn: 0.75 Ondo Points per USDY held per year.

USDY Liquidity Provider

How to Participate: Deposit in eligible Automated Liquidity Managers with USDY pools.

Networks: Ethereum, Mantle, Solana

Earn: 2.25 Ondo Points per dollar of liquidity provided per year through Automated Liquidity Managers.

OUSG Holder

How to Participate: Acquire and hold OUSG in your wallet. OUSG can be purchased on ondo.finance/ousg for those who are eligible.

Networks: Ethereum

Earn: 3.75 points per OUSG held per year.

Points for the following campaigns are being tracked and will be visible in the dashboard soon:

  • ONDO Holder
  • ONDO Delegate
  • mUSD Holder
  • USDY Minter 
  • Galxe Campaigns

With these enhancements and a plethora of exciting campaigns to participate in, now is the perfect time to start earning Ondo Points. There's something for everyone. Start earning and tracking your Ondo Points today!